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Runnerstrum Chiropractic & Nutrition :: Patient Testimonials

No Words to Describe!

Runnerstrum Chiropractic & Nutrition ReviewsThank you!! No words are able to adequately describe how grateful I am for you and your expertise. I left your office feeling amazing. I feel so much relief. My brain is clear. My mind is calm. Yes, I still have some pain in the tailbone but I feel hopeful. After months of tailbone pain and working so hard on my weight since June I feel like I’m going to get answers and relief. Thank you for your kind heart. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for having a HUGE impact on me. I would love to get my other boys into your office. I can see a forever relationship being built. Again, thank you!! ~ EC

Highly Recommended

Dr. Amber combines Chiropractic and Nutrition well. She is a great listener, intuitive, and uses applied Kinesiology/muscle testing, and yet backs things up with science (blood work). I highly recommend her! ~ Terryl W.

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